Eye Care Services

We are one of the best eye care centres with on-site Optometrist in South Delhi. With more than 30 years of experience in the optical field, we assure you of superior quality and excellent comfort. Be it eye-sight test, Contact Lenses, Prescription sunglasses or Prism Glasses, we have it all.

Sight Testing

A multi-step sight testing by AIIMS Qualified Optometrists in a state-of-the-art optometry clinic using the latest equipments in the optical field ensures a zero error eye test giving you the clear vision you deserve.


Orthoptics relates to the straightness of the eyes. Some children with squint (misaligned eyes) may require orthoptic exercises, eye-patching, correcting lenses of special prismatic glasses.

Special Prismatic Glasses

Some children who have lazy eye or experience double vision due to misalignment of their eyes are often prescribed prism glasses to correct it. Prisms may also be incorporated in the spectacles of low vision patients so as to help relieve strain caused by additional convergence required at very close distances.

Low-Vision Aids

We offer a wide range of Low Vision Aids (LVAs) to magnify the near objects. They may be handheld or in the form of spectacles.

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