Spectacle Lenses

We are authorized dealer of reputed lens brands such as Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya, GKB, etc. because we never compromise on quality. All our lenses are fitted in the spectacle frames with utmost precision using automatic machines to provide unmatched comfort to the wearer. We give 100% guarantee for authenticity of our products.

Progressive Lenses

People at the age of 40 years or above often find it difficult to read small print at close-up distances. They need to hold it further away to see clearly. This happens because the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects with age and at this age, they require a different power for near.Progressive Lenses are the most modern lenses and give you the most natural vision for all distances. Unlike bifocals, they don’t have dividing lines and give a better cosmetic appearance. We dispense progressive lenses of all the brands available in India such as Essilor, Zeiss, GKB, Nova, etc.Progressive Lenses require special care and expertise while dispensing which we excel in. All spectacles are made under the supervision of an optician qualified from College of Opticians, British Columbia, Canada. We feel proud in saying that we are experts in dispensing customized progressive lenses those are made as per the client’s specific requirements. All these are the reasons that we are Essilor Certified Varilux Specialists.

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