Spectacle Lenses

We are authorized dealer of reputed lens brands such as Essilor, Zeiss, Hoya, GKB, etc. because we never compromise on quality. All our lenses are fitted in the spectacle frames with utmost precision using automatic machines to provide unmatched comfort to the wearer. We give 100% guarantee for authenticity of our products.

Varilux Lenses

Varilux Lenses by Essilor are one of the best progressive lenses in the world. These lenses are tested and approved by wearers to ensure satisfaction and easy adaptation. Varilux Physio lets you enjoy greater contrast and sharpness. The increase in quality is comparable to the edge which an HD TV has over a standard TV.Its flagship product Varilux Ipseo helps you see clearer by taking into account all your specific visual requirements. So, you get clarity of vision that’s personalized for all your needs.All lenses are fabricated and fitted in the spectacle frame with utmost precision and care. Being an Essilor Certified Varilux Specialist, we assure you of the authenticity of the products and their easy adaptation.

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